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At Gumption, all of our glasses can be sunglasses
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Don’t have time to search endlessly for frames?
Ask Mary, our in-house expert, for suggestions on frames that fit you best.

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About Ask Mary and Virtual Stylist

We see you and we want to make sure that you feel like you in your new glasses. That’s why we provide Ask Mary,
our in-house style expert (yes, a real person!) who knows how to find the perfect glasses that fit your face.
Gumption is the only online glasses retailer that provides this free service. You deserve it!

Submit a photo of yourself and Mary will send you 3 suggestions within 24 hours*.

*If your request is submitted Monday - Friday. For weekend submissions, allow 48 hours.

Step 1:

"click" button icon

Click the “Ask Mary”

Step 2:

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Once your camera turns on, look straight ahead, remove any glasses, and take a picture of your face.

Step 3:

email icon

Receive Mary’s recommendations in your email. Use virtual try-on to see them on your face!

Step 4:

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Purchase with confidence!