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At Gumption, all of our glasses can be sunglasses
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A company that
gets you – because
we are you.

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About Gumption Glasses - Video

About Us

The cards were stacked against us. Everyone told us that we couldn’t do it – that we shouldn’t do it. How would we stand up against the big guys? But in a moment of gumption, we did it anyway. We founded a prescription eyeglass company for people just like us – people with gumption – to help them see the world they impact every day.

Gumption makes glasses that fit everyone – parents and professionals, kids and teens, weekend warriors and soccer moms, retirees and gardeners, foodies and travel enthusiasts. Plus, our lenses are made and our glasses are assembled locally by folks who roll up their sleeves and make a great product.

We’re pretty sure that if you’re here, you too have gumption. Welcome. We invite you to become part of our story.

Our Factory – Louisville, KY

We’re proud to say that our lenses are made and our glasses are assembled by local folks in a small factory in Louisville, KY, USA. Our employees are real people who have the gumption to work hard and make a great product. Even the models on our website are real people (who really wear glasses) from the Gumption family and friends workforce.